The UKYA Blogger Awards have been set up in recognition of the services given to authors and publishers by the book-blogging community.

The influence of bloggers to the UKYA publishing-industry cannot be underestimated. The majority of bloggers offer their services on an entirely altruistic basis, often juggling their private and professional lives to bring honest, informative and engaging reviews and opinion-pieces to book-lovers, everywhere. These are awards are designed to recognise the UKYA book-blogging community as a whole and to express the industry’s gratitude for their tireless endeavours.

Book-bloggers often create online awards for authors and publishers but, until now, there has been little to redress the balance. These awards seek to do just that, in the same spirit of fun and passion that bloggers exhibit every day. They have been voted on by publishers and authors and the awards themselves are kindly sponsored by some of the UK’s leading and most-prestigious publishing houses.

Good luck to all the nominees and a resounding ‘thank you’ to every UKYA book blogger out there; your contributions are wonderful, welcome and always valued.