Event Information

This year UKYABA is joining up with YA Shot as a double feature event.  Please check their website for information on tickets.

Venue: Middlesex Suite, ‘Hillingdon’ Civic Centre (on Uxbridge High Street)

Nearest tube station: Uxbridge

Date:   October 22nd 2016

Time:  7.45pm

Ticket Information from YA Shot website:

“UKYABA tickets are free. The first 100 people who buy YA Shot tickets will be guaranteed a UKYABA ticket too if they apply at the time of their YA Shot ticket-purchase. All you’ll have to do is say that you want a UKYABA ticket (or two if you’re buying two YA Shot tickets) in the ‘add a note/add special instructions to the seller’ box of the PayPal check-out form.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to buy a YA Shot ticket to get a ticket to UKYABA. However, the ticket plan is quite complicated so to keep things simple and clear here’s what you need to know: the UKYABA and YA Shot websites will always tell you the current method for getting hold of tickets to both events (if any are available). It will change, but so long as you check one or other site, you’ll always know exactly what to do. You can follow this site for email updates or follow us on Twitter (@UKYABA and #YAShot via @AlexiaCasale) to find out about changes as soon as they happen.”