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Love letter to YA book bloggers
Andy Robb founded the UKYA Blogger Awards to salute all the teen and YA book bloggers who work so hard, for nothing but free books and the odd signature, to tell the world about the books they love, here’s why


Award’s evening Round-up posts

Many bloggers were kind enough to write-up a blog post talking about their experiences at the evening’s event.  Here are a selection below:

Casey Ann from Dark Readers’ vlog reaction to winning an award

A UKYABA vlog post from SableCaught

A Thank You blog post from Serendipity Reviews

UKYABA “Thank You” Speech from YAYeahYeah

Reaction post from The Pewter Wolf

Event Report from Winged Reviews

Event Report from Luna’s Little Library

Event Post from Sisterspooky

A “Tales Event” post from Tales of Yesterday